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Welcome to adopteerights.org.

I'd like to begin with what adopteerights.org is not. It is not an organization of any kind. adopteerights.org came about because I wanted to contribute more to the open records movement. Although I have spent 19 years involved in adoption issues, from searcher to activist, beginning with ALMA as a search assistant, a PACER support group facilitator, a RegDay site leader, National Coordinator and webmistress and currently a lifetime member of Bastard Nation, I am not as articulate and vocal as others about open records. That doesn't mean I'm not passionate about the issues and I wanted to find a way I could comfortably contribute to the cause. My strengths lie in spreading the word and pointing people to open records friendly organizations, events and websites.

I wanted to create a single location to share the information I've collected over the years and to encourage others, who like me are a little shy in their activism, to get involved in whatever way they are comfortable with. It's going to take many people, from the ones who lead through the ones behind the scenes, to achieve the goal of full human and civil rights for adult adoptees.

Thank you for visiting,

Petra B.

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