There are many ways to get involved. We recognize that everyone has different talents and comfort levels, so here are a few suggestions to help you decide your involvement:

  • Join the discussion list. This list is a meeting place for anyone who supports unconditional access to birth records for adults who were adopted as children (adult adoptees). The intention is to supplement, with a less formal climate and open membership, the organizations that are forming throughout the country/world working for open records. We all need to work together. Please feel free to share information about open records organizations and related events in your state or country.

  • Spread the word. Link to and/or on MySpace from your personal web site, wear a button, put a decal or sticker on your car, wear BN stuff (shirt, pins, necklace) or even leave an adoption related book on your desk at work. When someone asks, be prepared to provide more information (maybe have cards with the web site address and BN pamphlets handy). You never know who is interested and supports adoptee rights until the topic is brought up.

  • Write Letters! Some of you are great letter writers. Keep it up and maybe add a letter to the Editor while you're at it. For others, this is very tough. We know it's a little intimidating reading all those great letters written and posted to the various mailing lists. Please don't let that stop you. All contact information and some sample letters will be posted in action alerts and on this site. Keep in mind that a simple letter or email to a legislator with a "yes onů" or "no onů" in the subject line and a couple of sentences why, counts the same as a great letter when they tally the number of supporters and people who oppose a bill. Resolve to be a STAR this year and start writing letters. You'll feel good when you do!

  • Come to a sign making party. Many times before an event, we'll get together to make picket signs. This is fun! Come ready to work and laugh. If you want, bring a snack. Sticks and poster board will be provided.

  • Volunteer for a task. Can you make some phone calls? Fax someone? Email a group? Make some copies of literature? Post some flyers? If an event can be broken down so that one person doesn't have to do everything, it's less stressful and more successful.

  • Attend an event. RegDay, and The Adoptee Rights Demonstration are just two that come to mind. Since one of our goals is to inform the public about adoptee rights, we need media. To get media, we need a good showing. All you have to do is show up and look good holding a sign. You will make a huge difference.

  • Join Bastard Nation. Bastard Nation: The Adoptee Rights Organization is the only adoptee-led national organization dedicated to promoting the equal treatment and dignity of adopted citizens. With larger membership, comes a louder voice. Let's be HEARD! main page