Adoptee Rights:

    Bastard Nation

Adoptee Rights Activism in California:

    California Open

Adoptee Rights Activism in Other States:

    Arizona Open
    Indiana Open
    New York
    North Carolina

Sacramento Support Group:

    New groups coming soon


    American Adoption Congress
    The Birthparent Project
    Ethica - An Independent Voice for Ethical Adoption
    Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute
         The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, founded in 1996, is a national not-for-profit organization devoted to improving adoption policy and practice. The Adoption Institute is a reliable, unbiased and respected voice for ethical adoption practices that respect all people touched by adoption.
    FAIR - Families Adopting In Response
    International Soundex Reunion Registry
    Journalists Guide to Adoption
    Knock Out Breast Cancer because triad members get breast cancer too
    PACT - An Adoption Alliance
    The Same Smile
    The Seeker
    Unlocking The Heart Of Adoption

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