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RegDay 2009 was Saturday, November 14
The 15h annual Adoption Registration Day (RegDay) was held on November 14, 2009. RegDay is an annual event to increase public awareness of the International Soundex Reunion Registry; a free humanitarian service better known as ISRR. RegDay volunteers staff tables set up with ISRR registration forms, informational brochures, and lists of resources helpful to those interested in search, reconnection and adoption reform. RegDay visitors can obtain assistance in filling out ISRR registration forms, and receive referrals to local resources. To learn more about RegDay, visit the national RegDay web site or RegDay on MySpace!
California Open Returns to Uphold Adoptee Rights
Join Cal Open today!

Join California Open, which has a no veto resolution. Help ensure that all Calfiornia adoptees get unconditional access to their records.

Adoptee Rights Demonstration - July 21, 2009 in Philadelphia
Visit www.adopteerights.net or Adoptee Rights Demonstration on MySpace for more information and to sign up for the adoptee rights demonstration. This will be a one day demonstration for Adoptee Rights at the National Conference of State Legislature's Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA.

Victory in Maine!!
LD 1084 restores adoptee rights in Maine. The bill, which permits unrestricted access to the original birth certificate upon request of anyone over the age of 18 adopted in Maine, went into effect January 1, 2009. This basic human/civil right has been restored to all Maine-born adoptees, just as all non-adopted Maine-born citizens have always had, for the same fee and without parental permission.

Measurable Rights   
MEASURABLE RIGHTS: the fight for open records in Oregon

The story of Helen Hill and Bastard Nation, who used Oregon's Ballot Measure 58 to open sealed birth certificates for all adult adoptees. Hill's initiative turned into a civil rights battle that caused a sea of change in adoption laws across the country. Filmmaker Paul Fournier captures the essence of grassroots activism. With coverage from inception to victory, Bastards are filmed in intimate settings as they plan, learn, achieve voter support, then fight court battles to set case precedent. Measurable Rights is inspiring and an essential teaching tool to all adoptee rights activists! Watch the trailer, interact with the reformers, and order your DVD copy TODAY at www.measurablerights.com

The Book Room
Find out more about adoptee rights and all the other facets of adoption, including being adopted, birthparents, adoptive parents, search, and reunion. Check out our book recommendations in the book room.
adopteerights.org Discussion List
This list is a meeting place for anyone who supports unconditional access to birth records for adults who were adopted as children (adult adoptees). The intention is to supplement, with a less formal climate and open membership, the organizations that are forming throughout the country/world working for open records. We all need to work together. Please feel free to share information about open records organizations and related events in your state or country. It is not intended for Search and Reunion purposes. Join now!!
The Bastard Byline
News From Bastard Nation: The Adoptee Rights Organization. Read past issues.

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